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Topics in Tempo is a five-part educational program designed to integrate classical music with academics. Each lesson is based on a piece of classical music. The first four parts of the program address California State Standards for Social Studies, Language Arts, Science, and Math and are implemented by classroom teachers. The fifth part combines all lessons with an intimate and interactive performance by professional musicians. 

To find out more about bringing Topics In Tempo to your school contact Gold Coast Chamber Players.


Lesson 1

Language Arts

Students LEARN that music tells a story. Using a piece of classical music as a soundtrack, students CREATE an original narrative.

Lesson 4

Social Studies

Students COLLABORATE to compose an original piece of music using sound clips from the Topics in Tempo musical selection as their language. Students DISCOVER the challenges of communicating without a common language.

Lesson 2


Students CONSTRUCT geometric shapes using toothpicks and marshmallows. As Math Maestros, they use those shapes as models to CONDUCT music in different meters.

Lesson 5

Live Professional Performance

Topics in Tempo culminates with a INTERACTIVE experience that INTEGRATES each content-area lesson and features a performance by professional musicians. 

Lesson 3


Students build their own instruments using plastic containers and rubber bands. They EXPERIMENT with pitch and INVESTIGATE how sound travels.

Program Materials


Topics in Tempo

You will receive:

  • 4 Teacher Lesson Plans

  • All student materials, including hands on materials and copies

  • One hour teacher training session with Topics in Tempo developers

  • Live performance by professional musicisns


Integration of music into our curriculum is exactly what will engage our children in learning any new concept. We all loved it!

- 2nd grade teacher, Burton Valley Elementary, Lafayette, CA.

The live performance pulled the week together. It was the culmination and hearing professionals play and talk about their music that made a real connection with the students.”

- 5th grade teacher, Burton Valley Elementary, Lafayette, CA

The students were captivated and retained the material beautifully!

- 5th grade teacher, Castro Valley Elementary, Castro Valley, CA

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